Field Guide to Falling in Love in Tasmania

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  • Gordon Country

    Gordon Country

    In 1828, Goodwin and Connolly escaped from the prison of Sarah Island. They followed the rivers east, into the Vale of Rasselas, a vast and beautiful plain, probably the result of Aboriginal fire-stick farming in the pre-European past. It had been a hellish journey for the two men: here, they caught small fish from the Gordon River, and ate possum.

    Finally they made it to the Ouse River, after five weeks together. There, they parted ways. Shortly after, Goodwin - whose real name was Cox - was apprehended by police in the township of Lincoln. The crafty convict managed to persuade the authorities not to send him back to the tortuous prison settlement of Sarah Island, and in the end, received a pardon, becoming a guide for expeditioners into the south-western wilderness.

    Connolly was never heard from again.

    (Disclaimer: the subjects of this photograph are not Goodwin and Connolly.)