I Am Looking For Harold Holt

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  • 8: Stanley

    8: Stanley


    "But you’re looking for something. Maybe that’s the special secret of life. Who knows if you’ll find your quarry, but you’ll keep your eyes open. That’s not half bad, son. That’s not half bad."

    I have come home after my long search for Harold Holt, believing I've found nothing until I meet 'an old cove' in a bar in the far north-west of Tasmania.

    Bert Spinks with Bruce Penn

  • 7: Monterrey

    7: Monterrey


    "I believe she found something. It may be that it was something far more ugly than we ever believed. I do not know. All we can say for sure is that she went out to research one day, and she never came back."

    The search for Harold Holt leads to a journalist in northern Mexico, who has given of herself to search for 'the disappeared ones' of her country.

    Bert Spinks with Itzel Rosas // Angel

  • 6: Austin

    6: Austin


    "They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and the mystery of Harold Holt seemed to have enlarged here too."

    In a bar called the Prairie Chicken, the search for a former Prime Minister yields some unexpected answers.

    Bert Spinks with Randy Caprice // Samuel Ruston Wall

  • 5: Los Angeles

    5: Los Angeles


    "L.A. is everything, it’s everywhere. From here in Malibu to Burbank, where NBC studios is – that’s 40 miles. And down to Anaheim, to Disneyland, that’d be 60 miles. But to cross that distance here is more difficult than circumnavigating the whole world.

    Do you understand what I’m sayin’ handsome? A person could go missing here without even realising it."

    A chance encounter on a Los Angeles bus gave me the opportunity to investigate the possibilities of Harold Holt's connections to the silver screen.

    Bert Spinks with Pretty Penny // Brie Blount